It’s All Academic: A Few Thoughts on Brain Development in the Early Years

Dr Pat Wolfe I Photography by La Bella Vita Photography. Parents can spend hundreds of dollars buying the latest educational flashcards and DVDs for their babiesto make them smarter. However, does it really help? Dr Pat Wolfe looks at the current research intobrain development to determine whether these products actually work. Recently I’ve been reading articles in the news about the large number of parents who are concerned about getting their children into what they consider the best “academic” preschools…

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Homework For Parents

Written by Associate Professors Richard Walker and Mike Horsley I Photography by rawpixel Many researchers have conducted studies to ascertain if homework is actually beneficial to a child’s learning. Associate Professors Richard Walker and Mike Horsley review the results of the studies and provide guidance on how parents can assist their children with their homework. Many parents are concerned about their children’s homework. Some parents are concerned that their children get too much homework and that this interferes with family…

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Activity Time with Puppets

With Emily Filmore I Photography by Nynne Schroder REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE PUPPET SHOW NIGHT. Supplies: ScissorsPaint or markersGlueShoe Box (for the stage)Icecream sticksConstruction paper or felt to make the puppets and decorate the stageGlitter, sequins and other decorations A REUSE pile as tall as your ceiling! What Now: We have done a ‘great’ job of teaching our daughter about the three R’s of caring for the environment. She has become especially attached to the REUSE portion of the cycle. As…

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Teaching Emotional Intelligence When Emotions Run High

Teaching Emotional Intelligence When Emotions Run High By Dr. Laura Markham ~ Founder of AHA! Parenting I Photography by Kinga Cichewicz When storm clouds brew, even the most well-intentioned parent can get triggered and escalate the upset rather than calm it. But when your child wrestles with the more “difficult” human emotions, he needs your help to learn how to manage them. This is the most important time to teach emotional intelligence. Here’s how. 1. Regulate Your Own Emotions.Children won’t…

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