Addressing Bullying

Author Arna Baartz.   Bullying has become a widespread epidemic. Whilst there are many ways people have tried to tackle the issue, they have only addressed the issue superficially. Arna Baartz explains why the bullying epidemic will only be solved through true compassion and forgiveness. Bullying c o m e s in many forms and everyone is capable of being a bully, fortunately understanding a bully’s and victim’s core needs can help change the offending patterns of behaviour. We have…

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Learning Manners With Our Children

Naomi Aldort I Photography by Whitby B Photography.   Children are often told to say “thank-you” or “sorry” or some other words that are founded in oursocieties concept of manners. However, is it more important that they say the words or actually feel them?Naomi Aldort discusses a more gentle way of teaching children manners. “What do you say?” demanded a woman after handing a child his dropped glove. The child rushed over and hid behind his Mum. “You say ‘thank you,’”…

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Beautiful Reflections

Claire Eaton I Photography by Daphne Heath Photography.   Have you ever stopped a while and reflected on your parenting path? Claire Eaton asks a few questions which may gently guide us towards the reflection of our parenting journey. Parenting is a funny thing! We often talk about it, plan for it and dream about it, but how often do we just stop awhile and reflect on how we are ‘doing it’ from moment to moment? When we’re in the thick…

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Making Time-outs Positive

Kate Bartlett I Photography by Daphne Heath Photography.   Many parents were told as children “Go to your room” as a form of punishment for doing what was considered the ‘wrong’ thing. Many parents are now using this punishment on their own children. However, Kelly Bartlett explains how times outs, when used in a non-punitive way, can achieve a positive outcome for both parent and child. Though time-outs are an often-used consequence for tantrums, outbursts, or fits of anger, they are…

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Conscious Evolution Begins at Home

Conscious Evolution Begins at Home By Nicole Moore | Birth Into Being Parenting as passionate agents of change… Mothering, and being Mothered is an operatic, epic experience, that creates ripples that shape our lives. Both individually and as a society.  The most important job in the world. The hardest. The most rewarding. Definitely the most amazing experience of my life, from which I have been eternally changed. This Mothering gig demands sweeping statements of epic proportions, and it is all…

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Peaceful Discipline: 4 tips to Help Transition to Calmer Parenting

Peaceful Discipline: 4 Tips to Help TRANSITION TO CALMER PARENTING Catherine Fischer – Great tips for Calmer Parenting from our friends at Hand in Hand Parenting! Dear Hand in Hand Parenting, I recently found out about your approach, and I really want to try some of these ideas. I have started Special Time, and it seems to be going well, but I’m confused about setting limits. You suggest a warm approach, with no need to yell. I’d love to work…

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