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Welcome to the twenty-third edition of Nurture ~ Australia’s Natural Parenting eMagazine. If you prefer print, please head back to the subscribe page on our website. See you on the inside xo


Welcome to Issue 23 of Nurture Parenting Magazine.

Well, first, can I say ‘wow’! We’ve been absolutely blown away by your response to our relaunch issue. The feedback has been wonderful to hear, the entire team worked hard on bringing you a beautiful, value-filled read, and ensuring our advertising partners (most of them small Australian-owned business themselves) were able to showcase their products and services with maximum effect.

From the content to the layout, it seems we nailed our brief, although someone asked if we had left any topics to cover in future issues! I am delighted to say that I think the calibre of articles in this issue is just as high as the previous issue.

Issue 23 has the theme of ‘Sweet Nothings: Nourishing Our Children.’ The dictionary definition of nourishing is this: providing the things that are needed for health, growth etc.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when we think of nourishing, is nutrition, and we’ve covered that thoroughly in this issue, with articles on how to support our sensitive eaters (page 10), how our DNA affects the foods we want to eat, plus the foods we should be eating (page 8), and an investigation into another side of dairy(page 42), plus tips on starting your own organic veggie garden to get all the yummy foods to grow at home (page 70).

Of course, nourishing is more than just nutrition, other forms of nourishment come in how we engage with our children (page 38), nourishing by touch (page 16), bonding through scent (page 30), and the nourishment of a good night’s sleep (page 52).

Be sure to enter this editions epic Sharing Kindness Challenge (page 49), to win 3 amazing prizes from Danish by Design, Creative Cubby and Bunnie Caddie worthover $900.

To close, I want to share an experience I had recently, that highlighted to me the the importance of magazines like Nurture.

I met a woman, who, upon finding out that I wor work for Nurture, was delighted to tell me of her experience with the magazine.

Several years ago, due to give birth to her 3rd child, a friend gave her some copies of Nurture. She enjoyed reading them, including an article about what to do if a baby is born with the umbilical cord around the neck.

Unbeknownst to her, her next labour would be much quicker than expected, and, as they were driving to the hospital, her husband had to pull over to assist her in giving birth. The baby was born before any other support could arrive, with the cord wrapped around its neck.

Remembering the article, she’d read recently, this mumma knew just what she needed to do to help her baby, and thankfully the baby was perfectly fine.

This experience reminded me that we never truly know the ripple effect of our actions, as we prepare each issue of the magazine, as our contributors submit their articles, we’ll never know just how many lives will be potentially impacted for the better through our collective efforts.

So, the next time you perform a random act of kindness, think of what the ripple effect could be.

We also have articles and Q&A’s from our regular parenting mentors. Our mentors are also available to answer your questions in our Facebook group; we invite you to join. Simply search ‘Nurture Parenting Magazine’ on Facebook, or use this link.

Enjoy the gift of Nurture, we’re so delighted you’re here with us, to support you on your parenting journey.

If you’d prefer to read Nurture in print, feel free to to subscribe on our website.

Enjoy the gift of Nurture!

Deb & The Nurture Team xo

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