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Welcome to the first edition of Nurture ~ Australia’s Natural Parenting eMagazine. If you prefer print, please head back to the subscribe page on our website. See you on the inside xo


Welcome to the first issue of Nurture ~ Natural Parenting Magazine! This issue has been months in the making. It is quite exciting as I haven’t done anything like this before! As this is the first issue, it may be nice to tell you a little about myself and my introduction to natural parenting and this magazine.

I, like most parents, started reading books and magazines during pregnancy. However, most of that mainstream information did not resonate with me. By chance, one day I bought ‘Helping Your Baby to Sleep – Why Gentle Techniques Work Best’ by Anni Gethin & Beth Macgregor. It was that book that made me realise that there were more approaches than those most widely advocated, and that I was ‘allowed’ to listen to my instincts.

My instincts told me to ditch the pram and the cot! So I’m a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping and responsive mama!

My history and consequential birth of Nurture Parenting Magazine I completed a law degree and worked as an employment lawyer for five years before I had my little boy, William.

Although I enjoyed being a lawyer, once I held my baby boy for the first time I knew that my legal career had ended. I wanted to stay at home with William to nurture him! Therefore, I had to find something I could do from home. Believe it or not, as soon as I left a psychic (it was the first one I have ever gone to and I did it for a bit of fun!) it dawned on me what my life purpose was! It is to help spread the message of natural parenting.

In my view, the most important part of that message is really simple:


It may require you to forget everything you have read and everything you have heard. But no one knows your child like you do. So that is how the birth of Nurture Parenting Magazine has come about!

Given that message, when reading the articles in this magazine, view them as a useful tool if, and only if, they resonate with you. They are not gospel, the contributors do not know your child.

You are the expert when it comes to your child!

So please, sit back and enjoy the first edition of Nurture! We have a diverse range of articles, including how the power of touch can assist in gentle discipline, a wonderful article on how to raise resilient children, healthy recipes, tips on growing organic potatoes, and yoga positions that can help ward off winter colds!

If you’d prefer to read Nurture in print, feel free to subscribe on our website.

Enjoy the gift of Nurture!

Kristy xo

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