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The Nourishin app is an easy-to-use and beautiful way for Australian and New Zealander families to organise, provide or receive nourishing meals from their village.

As a first time mum herself, the founder Olivia wanted an easy way to organise meals and connect with her village back when she was pregnant with her daughter – but couldn’t find one. So she created the Nourishin brand, then went on to design and launch the Nourishin app – Australia’s first meal organising app (aka meal train app) designed specifically for families during pregnancy and postpartum.

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For a limited time, all users can download and register an account with Nourishin for FREE, no credit card or subscriptions required. You can create or participate in a meal drop (aka meal train), download handy resources and get inspired to cook for someone you love.

Whether you’re setting up a meal train for yourself or a loved one, having success with a meal train (or fondly known as a Meal Drop in the Nourishin app) relies on simply covering your bases. Aside from the obvious step of downloading and registering the Nourishin app (which is currently FREE for all users to download on Apple app store or Google Play).

Embarking on the journey of motherhood is an incredibly gratifying experience – the boundless joy and love that you experience for your newborn is pretty much beyond measure. Yet the challenges that come with being a new mum in the depths of postpartum can be all-consuming. As a Naturopath, I am so passionate about empowering and educating mothers with the tools and knowledge that is crucial for their well-being during pregnancy and postpartum. With this in mind, here are 7 tips for new mums, aiming to help you navigate and cherish the motherhood journey while also focusing on your own well-being.

1. Prioritise rest when you can

The early days of motherhood often accompany sleepless nights, but the age-old advice to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ often leaves new mums feeling frustrated… “I can’t sleep when the baby sleeps” , “I have to clean the house”, “I need to organise X, Y and Z”… However, prioritising and embracing rest is so important, whether through a 20 minute power nap, a deep slumber, or just a few moments with closed eyes. Adequate rest not only combats fatigue but also facilitates physical recovery, enhances mood, and sharpens cognitive functions.

♦ 2. Fuel yourself for recovery

Fuelling your body with essential nutrients is key for both recovery and energy. I have spoken to many women who diligently took their vitamins prior to and during pregnancy, but fell off the wagon once baby arrived. But this is arguable the most important time to take your supplements/vitamins. Additionally, fuelling up with a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables (organic if possible), lean proteins, broths and whole grains will be essential for post birth recovery and motherhood replenishment. Don’t forget to check out the recipes Olivia has written on the Recipe Hub. Eating the right food for your body during postpartum aids physical and spiritual recovery. In Chinese medicine there is a saying; “one drop of milk equals fifty drops of blood.” It refers to the tendency towards blood deficiency in nursing mothers, which can then be exacerbated by lack of sleep and stress.

♦ 3. Hydration is key

Water is vital, particularly for breastfeeding mothers. The significance of hydration in maintaining milk production, aiding physical recovery, and combating fatigue has been documented. We recommend strategically placing water bottles around the house so wherever you are breastfeeding a drink is close by. Aim for 2 litres minimum of water per day.

♦ 4. Refill your self care cup regularly

In the midst of motherhood’s chaos, self-care is paramount… As you simply cannot pour from an empty cup. Whether you choose to fill your self care cup through a calming bath, a quick massage, journalling or reading a book – these moments of pampering directly impact your ability to care for your baby. These moments are about checking in with yourself, and allowing time for things you enjoy outside of the mum role.

♦ 5. Connect with your village

Motherhood is a collective journey. Connecting with other new mums fosters a sense of community, comfort, and guidance. If you use the Nourishin app during pregnancy / postpartum, you’ll see how impactful connecting with your village through food is – but this will be with your existing circle of friends and family. Getting yourself connected with a new circle of people through a local mothers group, women’s circle or community centre will help you find your village for this next chapter. You’ll find that they are very likely going through the same things you are – and this unique shared experience of motherhood can help create bonds and support that will get you through the hardest of parenting days.

♦ 6. Focus on gentle movements

Incorporating gentle stretches, yoga, or walks into your daily routine will help to improve mood, boost energy, and aid in your physical recovery post-birth. The most important thing is to ease back into this when you are ready – postpartum is a time to honour your body, rest and recover. You shouldn’t be jumping back into HIIT classes 2 weeks postpartum in hopes of getting your “old body” back. This is your new body – which needs time, respect and kindness to heal. Getting a green light to return to exercise from your GP/Doctor/OB after your 6-week check is generally what women assume as the right time, but there is no exact timeline as everyones body and birth is different. If you have any lingering issues several weeks/months after birth, it’s certainly worth checking in with your local Women’s Health Physio or GP to see what might be going on.

♦ 7. Prioritize your mental health

Last but definitely not least – your mental health and mental space is SO important, you need to be sure to prioritise time to maintain it. As a new mum, you experience the shift known as Matrescence (becoming a mother) which is one of the biggest emotional, spiritual, hormonal, physical and social shifts a woman goes through in life. Check in with how you are thinking and feeling regularly and seek professional help if you feel out of sorts. Check out resources shared by organisations like PANDA to learn more about what is and isn’t normal during postpartum. The emotional roller coaster of mothering is real and you deserve support mama.

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Pregnancy and postpartum can be a tender and tumultuous time, but you can update at any time. We want to make it easy for you or a loved one to successfully organise support with our app’s meal drop / meal train function. Hopefully you found this useful – get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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At Nourishin, we want to help ease the burden of families anticipating the arrival of a new life, navigating the tender postpartum period, facing illness with resilience, or looking for solace in times of loss.

We’ll see you on the inside!

Olivia Harding, Founder & Paige Cowley, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath

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