Meet Michelle Williamson

From ChamonixRain Organics

From an early age, ChamonixRain Organics founder Michelle Williamson developed a lifelong obsession with healthy living and a strong appreciation of the benefits that come from using the ingredients that nature has provided us - to nurture our bodies both inside and out. Michelle grew up in a family where her mother made her own natural skincare and cleaning products, and her grandparents grew their own organic fruits and vegetables, both on farms and in their backyard. It was always her dream to use her knowledge and love of these ingredients, to then develop her own vegan-friendly, plant-based Natural skincare brand. Michelle’s dream then became a reality shortly after she became a parent herself. After searching for premium quality natural baby skincare products, both in the UK (where she had her first child) and then here in Australia (where she had her second child)— she found the market lacking in options. As a result, Michelle developed her very own range of natural baby skincare products, free from soap, SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also leave the skin feeling beautifully soft and nourished. A key ingredient in the range is Coconut Oil, which is her absolute go-to ingredient for beauty, cooking, skincare, haircare & even make-up removal. This magic oil is a rich source of Vitamins, Fatty Acids, and antioxidants which deeply moisturise, hydrate, and condition the skin. Today, the ChamonixRain Organics range includes vegan friendly products for the entire family - with some very exciting announcements and new products being released very soon!! Watch this space! www.chamonixrainorganics.com


Meet Tanya and Warren Stanley

From Beetanicals

As a family of third-generation beekeepers with two small children, the Stanley’s story is a serendipitous one. The Beetanicals journey began in 2015 when founders Tanya and Warren Stanley’s first son Cooper was born. As a bub, Cooper had very sensitive skin and suffered from a dry skin condition. A search for natural, toxinfree products to soothe, nourish and protect his skin proved unsuccessful, so these keen and dedicated parents decided to make their own. Being a long-time lover of bees, the Stanleys were well aware of the wonderful antibacterial and nurturing benefits of beeswax. A natural emollient and humectant, beeswax draws moisture to the skin, allows it to breathe and seals it in a protective barrier. The product they had had been searching for was right before their eyes! A subsequent family holiday caravanning through central Australia exposed Tanya and Warren to some of the amazing powers of Australian native super foods. And so, in conjunction with an experienced formulator and world expert in aromatherapy and essential oil safety, the first batch of Beetanicals balms were created. The Beetanicals skincare range is endorsed by Native Oils Australia as ‘Clean & Pure’, which guarantees global industry standards for quality, purity and cleanliness from paddock to jar. Since then, the Stanleys have built their business around kindness. Kindness for local farmers and indigenous communities; with the majority of Beetanicals ingredients grown in Australia. Kindness for our furry friends; all of their products are tested on family and friends (not animals) and their bees are never harmed in the harvesting process. And last but not least, kindness for our skin; through their commitment to provide natural, safe, effective and transparent products for fellow Australian families. To date Beetanicals has taken home 23 awards, reinforcing the genuine effectiveness of their natural products that continue to support more and more families across the country. www.beetanicals.com.au


Meet Megan Daley

From Children’s Books Daily

Megan Daley is an early childhood teacher turned teacher librarian with a passion for nurturing a love of language, words and story from birth. Her website Children’s Books Daily, is a one stop shop for all things reading related and she speaks across the country at early childhood conferences and early education centres to parents/caregivers and educators. A regular presenter on ABC radio, Megan spends much time talking about how free play and immersing children in language in all forms – stories and songs and nursery rhymes – as well as creating a culture of reading in your home, encourages self-awareness, kindness and empathy, reduces stress and opens up new worlds and ways of thinking. She firmly believes that a child’s love of books begins with loved adults taking the time to read with them and cuddling up and reading with a child allows them to form powerful associations between books and moments of happiness, love and closeness. For Megan, play and story and intrinsically linked. She says: “My favourite memories of my own childhood are of playing with my huge circle of family friends. Playing was just what we did – it was an organic part of our lives. Our parents never agonised over our choices of games or thought about creating ‘meaningful learning experiences’. Everyone seemed to accept that free play was a natural and essential part of childhood. But of course we were learning through our play, as we constructed cubbyhouses and imaginary worlds inspired or enhanced by the books we were read. I cannot stress enough how play and literacy development go hand-in-hand. It is well documented in early literacy development research that parents and educators need to value play as an important and valid part in literacy development as children engage with and respond to stories, create their own stories, and learn about themselves and their world.” Megan’s book, ‘Raising Readers’ (2019, UQP) is a gentle guide for parents and educators to help foster a love of reading in children from birth and beyond. An award-winning teacher librarian, Megan unpacks twenty years of experience in children’s literature in this personable and accessible guide, enhanced with up-to-date research, lots of book recommendations for children from birth to the tween and teen years and firsthand accounts from well-known Australian children’s authors. Photograph Credit: Ruby Olive www.childrensbooksdaily.com


Meet Cindy

From Breastmilk Jewellery

Like a lot of families who have been through, going through, or may go through in the future, devastating loss of a child, I was determined to hold onto any memory of our little boy. I felt the need to keep everything physical I had of him, right down to the wrist band from the hospital that was on my arm. These things, in a way, proved his existence to me, and everyone else, and in a way, I felt as though by keeping these things with me, he was still earthside with me in some way. Then, I came across keepsake Jewellery for loss. It intrigued me straight away, I really wanted to have something that I could hold close to me and take with me everywhere, but the thought of sending my precious inclusions abroad scared the hell out of me, so, I decided, I would make my own keepsake. I proudly shared my craft with my friends online; they saw magic and meaning in the piece and shared it with their own friends. Pretty soon, I had orders coming in that were referred to me by word of mouth, then I realised, wow! I think this is what my calling is. I felt as though my son, in some way of fate, had given me something to comfort me. Although making these pieces for other mothers who were celebrating the life of their child the majority of the time, it was a little tough on my heart strings at the start. That soon turned into a comfort, and pretty soon I was so engrossed with the want to heal, connect and celebrate every family’s successes and feel like I had made a difference in their lives. And so Breastmilk Jewellery was born. You can now book a call to speak to Cindy in person, this can be done by visiting the website. Please only book an appointment if you are wishing to place a new order or have questions about the process. All current order inquiries can be sent through via email or FB message. For all custom order requests of gold and diamonds or unique designs, you can contact Jenny, our in house jeweller, at breastmilkjewellerykeepsakes@gmail.com www.breastmilkjewellery.com


Meet Gillian Rose


My name is Gillian Rose, and I started this business in 2001. Today we import a substantial range of stylish, modern designer nursery furniture and infant products and toys based on true craftsmanship and innovation. Our aim is to offer Australian parents well-designed products that not only look good but are super practical for both parent and child; products that have versatility and longevity and are great value. Our team thrives on the challenge of trying to find more unique products to add to our range, preferably from Scandinavia. Each product we take on board has to match our design, function and quality standards. The range of baby products available now is varied and exciting. It wasn’t 20 years ago, and I am very proud to have been part of that change, although, in all honesty, it was not something I had really planned... When our first child was six months old, we went back to Denmark for Christmas. Naturally, we collected all sorts of baby gear, and when we got back here, people around us started to ask where we bought it. This got us thinking, and although I had no wholesale, retail or sales experience, I started Danish by Design! It was hard beginnings with few products (all “fancy” and relatively pricey compared to the offerings at the time) and small children, but I persevered (with gentle nudges by my husband when it was all too much) and slowly but surely the business grew, and now we are approaching 20 years! Our product range is now large and varied, still with a focus on European origin although we do have some other countries represented, too. As long as the products and the people behind them are great, then we don’t really mind where they come from. Today it is almost overwhelming to enter a baby store, but we don’t apologise for that as having a choice is better than not. We hope you find a few of our products on your journey that you love and we are always happy to offer advice on what might work best for you. The team and I strive to be the best we can be when it comes to customer service and trust that your dealings with us will be a pleasure. danishbydesign.com.au


Meet Alex, Victor, Olivia + Spencer


At the heart of Wriggly Toes, it’s our belief that families deserve more education and more choice when it comes to the home and our most precious ones – our kids. But, safe kids’ bedding doesn’t have to be boring! That’s why we have brought fresh and inspiring designs to life with the help of some very lovable characters. Bedtime stories about each character can be enjoyed for free at wrigglytoes.com.au. We are genuinely trying to do something extraordinary for all parents and their kid, making bedding products that aren’t enhanced with harmful dyes, available to families just like yours. We are taking on the bedding industry, one kid’s bed at a time. Who is behind Wriggly Toes – one mum and one dad, just like you. Our philosophy for our own kids’ lives is simple but meaningful: Safe + Happy. That’s wriggly-ology 101. Knowing how much time your family will spend in bed makes the bedding, you choose an important decision. For carers on the lookout for the very best for their precious little ones, Wriggly Toes can guarantee, the search ends with Wriggly-ology 101. A discerning carer will find that not all bedding is equal. In fact, children’s bedding isn’t required by law to be completely free of chemicals that are known to be harmful. There are 24 chemicals that have allowable levels in the production of children’s bedding according the current Australian product safety guide. This standard is not high enough for Wriggly Toes. Fortunately, there is now a choice and the standards don’t get much higher. We at Wriggly Toes concluded that the only way to ensure the quality we wanted for our own children, was to raise the bar ourselves. We have done the research and achieved the certification that everyone, at every stage of the manufacturing process, can feel safe and happy enough to fall asleep on, containing nothing that could irritate delicate skin, even with prolonged contact. Wriggly Toes bedding is non-toxic, sustainable, and ethically made with minimal environmental impact. Wriggly Toes bedding is certifiably safe because it is manufactured to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is a worldwide independent certification that guarantees its quality through traceable, scientifically tested methods and upholds The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Made with love and care, from our family to yours xo wrigglytoes.com.au


Meet Amanda Essery


LOVEKINS is an Australian wellness and skincare company specialising in a range of pregnancy and baby skincare and feminine hygiene products. Founder & CEO Amanda Essery is a 6th generation Australian Chinese, born and raised in Darwin, The Northern Territory. Heavily influenced by Indigenous Australian culture, Amanda shares a strong connection with her nurturing land. Incorporating native Australian ingredients from her hometown, Amanda created Lovekins to purposefully solve her daughter Heidi’s, dry skin condition. That’s how LOVEKINS was born. Lovekins products harnesses the healing power of Australian nature. Honouring ancient Indigenous ingredients, Lovekins incorporates powerful bioactive ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Blue Cypress, Kangaroo Paw Flower, Rosella Flower, Snowflower, Tasmanian Pepperberry and Finger Lime. Lovekins vision is to improve the health and happiness of families by empowering them with unique Australian products. Lovekins supports local communities by using sustainable native ingredients. Their eco-friendly products provide families with a simpler approach to parenting to enable future generations to thrive and be healthy. On the road to holistic wellness, Amanda realised that self-care was pertinent to herself and fellow sisters. LOVEKINS Women feminine hygiene range was a natural attrition to the Lovekins brand to support women and allow them to achieve their best. Lovekins is available online www.lovekins.com and selected Priceline stores in Australia. Please check the stockist page for further details. “Beautiful products used on my granddaughter. The range of products are practical and useful for everyday use and they smell absolutely amazing! ” – Gail lovekins.com


Meet Giselle

giselle&i - soothe me baby

When I had my first child, I was young and inexperienced. I could not understand why my son was so irritable, constantly crying and in pain throughout the day and night. I was not sure what I could do to relieve him of his discomfort. With the help of my beautiful mother Sammy, I learnt how to make a special beverage widely used in our culture to help relieve my son’s pain of colic, wind and other symptoms associated with gastrointestinal problems. My mother’s teachings now became my lifesaver. Seven children later, I still prepare this home remedy for my kids for the soothing relief of any colic and stomach pains. I always wondered why there was nothing as natural as this on the market. It was after I had my first daughter Giselle, after already bearing four sons, that I realised I needed to be a role model for her. A majority of us women put our lives on hold to raise our families, we give up our job, our income, our friends, we become selfless, and somewhat lose our identity, including myself and I needed to show her you can still be a mum and still reach out and achieve your dreams, you just need to work hard and believe in yourself. This was the birth of giselle&i. It was that moment in 2013 when I decided to release our cultural tradition, “soothe me baby” and began the process of perfecting this natural remedy to treat colic, wind and gastrointestinal pain for infants and children. I wanted to do this in the simplest and safest way possible, ensuring the most convenience for parents anywhere, anytime. Natural, organic, and approved by the Australian Government Department of Health AUST L 286802.  soothe me baby is a natural, safe and a simple approach to treating colic, wind and gastrointestinal pain for infants and children. Completely prepared, packed, and individually sealed for every parent’s convenience so you can be rest assured knowing that your child’s discomfort can be taken care of. Made with Love giselleandi.com.au



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