The past few years have forced Australian businesses, individuals and families to re-evaluate how to move forward in this changing landscape. For Belly Bands, the Sunshine Coast-based business has continued to adapt in the face of change while focusing on serving mothers with high-quality products that offer comfort and support.

The nationwide shift to supporting Australian businesses and building on homegrown industry leaders has been welcomed by the original belly band business. The ongoing collaboration between Australian medical professionals, partnerships and stockists has quickly established the brand as Australia’s go-to pregnancy purchase. Working with organisations such as Mum Safe, Playgroup NSW, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service has helped Aussie mums find the products they need.

As the business name suggests, Belly Bands sells TGA-approved bands that wrap around a pregnant woman’s belly, providing support and reducing pain. The band is multifunctional and can also be used for postpartum recovery to assist with a mother’s mending. While the Belly Band is not a new concept, the founder of the business, Carol Brunswick, recognised the shortcomings of the products available on the existing market and knew there had to be a way to create a better product that was Australian-made. After consulting with medical professionals, utilising her client experience, and drawing from her journey into motherhood, she began developing her own design in 2011. Since then, the business has been built on feedback and collaboration, with the most popular purchase being the 3-in-1 band.

Carol Brunswick

The bands have thousands of 5-star reviews, making it transparent to understand why so many mothers are putting their trust in the product. A common thread throughout the feedback is the appreciation of the product being Australian-made, by mums, for mums. This often means quick delivery, high-quality controlled product and efficient customer service. The dedicated team at Belly Bands work together in a brand-new, purpose-built headquarters. The collaboration between the customer service team, the sewing team, and the business team creates a seamless customer experience so that the purchaser really feels taken care of and supported. “People often call with a question and are genuinely surprised by how quickly we can help them answer it and get the right product sent to their address,” General Manager Sandie Brunswick explained. “By having our whole team under the same roof, we can promptly work together to create and dispatch the bands”. That strong customer service pillar has worked to assist them in supporting more than 60,000 baby bumps, including Sandies. “It was incredible to experience firsthand how much support our bands provide when I was pregnant and recovering from the birth of my son.”

Carol & Sandie Brunswick

With the vision to continue to adapt to customer feedback and requests, the brand has used the design of the Belly Band to develop products that assist with surgery recovery, hysterectomy recovery and hernia support. The bands can be trusted to help customers who need medically backed, effective support on multiple recovery journeys and at any size. With custom sizing available, the brands come in a range of options and are fully adjustable. If the sizes available are not right for you, the team will make you a custom band to fit your measurements.


Custom Sizing

From Carol’s first handmade prototype to today’s professionally produced garment by a team of seamstresses, Belly Bands has expanded and grown to become an award-winning Australian manufacturer. Leading the way in maternity support and post-surgery recovery with products, education and innovative technology in today’s changing business climate.
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