With Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright, founder of Kanga Collective, Australia’s largest babywearing community, provides a list of things you should ALWAYS do when babywearing.

Always wear your baby high enough to kiss the top of their head in a front carry, in a back carry, high enough to touch their forehead with the nape/occipital bone on your head if you look upward.

Learn with your baby! Babywearing is a wonderful bond and when you take it slowly and choose a good time of day to try new carries, like after baby has rested or eaten, you will be assured success! Use a mirror, practice over soft surfaces, ask a friend to ‘spot’ you.

Wear your sling or baby carrier tightly. There should be no loose fabric over babies back, buckles should be tightened, baby should be held firmly to your torso. This ensures that not only will baby stay where you want them to in the carry, and not slump down, but that you will be more comfortable.

Airways should be clear. You should not hear any grunting. Babies head should not be resting on his chest. There needs to be at least a fingers width between babies chin and chest.

Yes, of course Babywearing is a BIG YES!!

Squat Straddle – your babies legs should be in the ‘M’ position (aka Squat Straddle), with his spread knees above his bottom. The carrier should travel from the hollow of the knee all the way to the opposite knee. This is called ‘Optimal Positioning’ and must be adhered to for babies best development.

As published in nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au.