How To Get Started

Hey again

Now that you’ve gotten through the training, (link is below if you need a refresh), and you’ve accepted the role, here is a Step by Step Get Started Guide with links to the resources you will need.

Step 1. Nurture Email

Please message me, (messenger), your personal email address at your earliest convenience. We will send you a nurture email address for you to set up on your email account which will depend on what computer you use e.g. I use a mac, so I’m using Apple Mail. We will send you the account instructions to set it up, as well as your email signature which will be

Step 2. Sales Report & Media Plan

Below is a link to the Google Sheets Spreadsheet I referred to in the training. This is the teams central booking system so that you know what packages are available for each edition of Nurture.

So, at the bottom of this spreadsheet, you will see various tabs, (scroll down to open it now so you can follow along from here). To start, make sure you are on the ISSUE 24 tab. Please DO NOT edit or delete anything as this is the master. You will only be adding booking details in empty fields but I’ll take you through it!

If you look down each line in the first column, (B), you will note the setup being page by page of each 80 page magazine, from cover to back. You will notice also, that there is a line for you to enter each client who has paid i.e CONFIRMED, (booked & paid), for each page by advertorial package, ad size, or giveaway. You will note that we use the same template for each issue so you will know where to add your clients, or check availability in the feature column, (D). You will also see which pages don’t have ad space etc. Don’t touch column (C), that is the potential revenue by issue, by feature or ad size.

After each issue is closed or booked, Issue 24’s tab will be completed and a new one for issue 25 etc. will be created for you.

So, again, as this is a master template, please don’t delete or edit anything that is already entered in each field i.e only fill in the empty fields, or add new lines if you need them.

If you scroll down under the 80 pages, you will see a DESIGN section. Always ask clients if they have artwork ready to go. If they say YES, it’s a very positive sign that they will be ready to go with booking with you. If they say NO, you can make it easy for them by offering our Graphic Designer to do the artwork for them. All ad sizes are $300 + GST, (Australian Tax), for 5 hours, with 2 revisions and point out that they will own and be provided the original file if they need to use it in the future, or edit it etc. So, here is where you will add the client, and fill in all the empty fields when they have booked, in addition to adding them to the CONFIRMED section above so they are confirmed for that package/space/page by copy & pasting the details.

If you scroll down under that, you will see a DIGITAL section. This is if a client books only digital i.e. has not booked a print package to enter in the confirmed section above. This is broken up by a BLOG or SOCIAL MEDIA activity. If a client is adding onto their print campaign, you would enter that in the CONFIRMED section above again, to ensure the space is booked, but also here if the activity i.e. a blog is added to the print campaign so we know to sort the material and schedule the activity.

Under that, you will see the GIFT GUIDES section. These are the digital gift guides we offer throughout the year so it’s great to offer clients this additional component to give them more exposure to our audience. You will see the details of each in the Media Kit with a link to each example. All advertisers must have an offer of at least a 10% discount for readers using code NURTURE. They may want to add free postage, or a bonus gift or something but I usually look at their site to see if they have any offers to have the conversation with the client. Any of our digital or social activity can includes a UGC video, or a behind the scenes, meet the maker video, unboxing etc. but they have to give us a URL, not the actually video for us to host so they can drive traffic to where it’s stored i.e. their website, or a social media platform etc.

Under that, you’ll see the BOOKINGS PENDING section. So this is where you will add the details of a client that has confirmed they want to book the package you have recommended, or they have requested. I will be able to see all the details in this section that you have entered, to send them their invoice with their material instructions and deadlines. Once they pay, I will alert you to payment received to move them up to the CONFIRMED section.

NO client is confirmed for any space or package until they pay the invoice. We do that so we don’t over book, and for you as a sales rep, to add urgency for them to book with you, as you will be working with another sales rep so you always say, there’s space to get you into this package, (if there is lots), but only 2 left if that’s true, so it’s SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AT THE TIME OF BOOKING, (not in high caps to the client, but capping it here because it’s important so you have managed the client’s expectations in case another rep books it).

Under that section, you’ll see a PROPOSALS OUTSTANDING section. This is the beginning of the sales funnel that I’ve set up in this spreadsheet for you. This is where you will add the details of a potential booking once you have had a response from a client after you’ve sent them a proposal.

So, if you go back to the tabs across the bottom, you’ll see a tab for DUBSADO. These are all the clients that have booked with us in the past so you have access to their contact details. Please ENSURE you are not contacting ANY clients that are listed as booked for issue #24, or any future issues but you can double check if a client is ALREADY BOOKED on the ISSUE 24 tab.

The next tab over is a list of all PROSPECTS in our database so you can access their contact details but again, ensure they are not currently booked on the ISSUE 24 tab.

The next tab, BOUNCED EMAILS, are great opportunities for you to find new email addresses as these one’s bounced due to perhaps a contact leaving the business but also it may be that a business closed so check their social media or website to see if they are still operating by checking the last post dates etc.

After that tab, you’ll see CARLO’S PROSPECTS, this is another rep you’ll be working with so it’s a good idea to not only check which clients are currently booked on the ISSUE 24 tab, but also to stay away from the client’s he is already targeting so there’s no duplication.

The tab after that, NEW REP, will be changed to your name for you to use as your work space.

Step 3. Messaging

Now that you’re at this step, we need to add you to our Facebook page and Instagram as admin so please message me, (messenger) now to set you up, so you can send proposals directly to clients from our account but please go ahead and set up your own Instagram account so you can save any products, services or businesses for you to follow up because once you start watching clients reels or stories etc, you will then get a lot more so it’s easier not to forget them by adding them to your saved items.

I would strongly suggest you add categories to your IG account, (and view our save posts in PROSPECTS once we give you access), that correspond to a relevant package if they fit in to one of the advertorial feature packages i.e. if it’s food, add to the Retailers &/or Big Brand Equity Package. If it’s an author or publisher, add it to the Retailers & or/Education Package. If it’s Australian Made, add it to that one. Cruelty free? Add it to Showcase but again, that package is booked for the next edition but we do have space for the Big Brand Equity Package that we’ve reserved for those package because this package is a 2 in 1 being a brand ad and a Showcase feature. If you see a great review post, or video testimonial etc. add it to the Product Reviews Package category. For anything related to Self Love i.e. skincare, retreats or services etc. add it to that one. For any podcasts or educational resources, books or toys etc. add it to that one. For any great stories behind a brand or founder etc. add it to The Changemakers Package. If you see anyone doing a giveaway or competition, save it to those categories because you can offer them a paid advertising package with one of our giveaways at no charge, (see the Optional Add Ons page in the kit to see what promotions we offer).

This way, you will have a highly targeted list of clients to follow up when you’re ready to email them, or to send them a message directly with a link to our Media Kit with your recommendation, or to ask for the marketing managers email address.

Step 4. Google Chrome

I would strongly suggest downloading Chrome to use as your NURTURE browser. This way, you can bookmarket your marketing materials for easy reference, you can also add them to your bookmark bar so it’s easier to find what you need at any given time. In order to do this, you will need to first open a free Google Account, if you don’t, Google won’t be able to save your bookmarks which can be any URL to a pdf document, or website, or dropbox etc.

Step 5. Bookmarks

Use these quick links to add the resources you’ll need frequently being the TEAM SALES REPORT, MEDIA KIT, BRAND GUIDE, DROPBOX, THE RECENT MAGAZINE & OMNISEND.

Step 6. Prospects

Open the Sales Report and go to the NEW REP tab. If you double click on it, you can rename it as your FIRST NAME THEN PROSPECTS.

Again, don’t change anything because you’ll need to copy and paste the entire row to match the columns on the ISSUE 24 tab when you have interest from your client. This prospect sheet is for you to ensure you have all your proposals etc. in one place so you don’t miss a client, and also so other reps can see what client’s you are working on so that they don’t contact your prospect.

It’s also the start of your sales funnel so you have at least 10 prospects per package at any given stage or week. You can add more rows if you like because it’s easier to do one email and send a bulk or mass email campaign to multiple clients and then you’ll be able to see who opened your email, and what links they clicked on in Omnisend so you can shoot them another email but i’ll take you through the actual steps to make it easy for you to follow.

You will see that I’ve set this sheet up by package. If a brand looks like a big brand, always offer the Big Brand Equity Package. If a smaller brand fits perfectly to one of the advertorial packages, offer those.

So, let’s start finding the 10 brands by package and fill in as many details as you can. There are plenty of prospects available to you. You can click on the DUBSADO, (previous and current advertisers) tab, PROSPECTS, (our database in Omnisend), or BOUNCED, (worth finding new emails as the contact may have left), in the SALES REPORT.

On the DUBSADO list, you’ll need to check column (E) to see if they are booked, or another rep has sent them a proposal, for issue 24 so you know not to contact them BUT to double check all clients at any time, make sure you search the brand name by hitting control ‘F’ on your keyboard (MAC), and entering the business name or email etc. in the search bar on the ISSUE 24 tab. You’ll also need to search other reps tabs to make sure no one else is communicating with them. You’ll note that most the clients on this sheet have a link to their website to research them.

On the PROSPECTS list, please DO NOT contact anyone on this database sheet that doesn’t have a business email because this list includes our readers, (subscribers) so not only client prospects.

On the BOUNCED list, for whatever reason, these emails didn’t go through, they may have blocked us, or simply left the business but it’s work finding their business emails via social media, or a quick business search on LinkedIn as these guys will be familiar with Nurture.

So, I’ll take you through finding 10 prospects, then I’ll complete all steps to send them an actual email for you to follow as a tutorial.

Step 7. Find Your Prospect Source

Obviously you can find prospects anywhere online, including any saved in our IG Account, and eventually your personal IG after you follow a few clients and save them in each category. It’s handy to see who follows brands, as often you’ll find many of their competitors to add to your list also that way, you’ll find a lot of brands in one category all in one go. The link to our social media is in the footer of any page including this one on our website but again, you’ll be made ADMIN so you can message directly from Nurture’s account.

So, a great starting point would be to select an expo that I’ve listed on the SALES PAGE INTRO link at the very top of this page. This is a great strategy because you can build your list fast from one account or website, then start breaking them up into the different packages in one go BUT also, because you can be really personal with your first email to them to show you’ve done your research on them to grab their attention. Or, simply google baby, pregnancy, organic or parenting expo Australia but we follow most of them also but remember, you can also google some of the big retail shops that we took you through on the SALES PAGE INTRO, or Awards. You goal is to find one store, or expo that has multiple products to build your list quicker.

You will have greater success being highly relevant so while I’m showing you an example using an Expo, you’ll be able to apply the same strategy for your opening line for example:

Expo ~ We noticed you were an exhibitor at the (ENTER EXPO) and saw it was a great success…

Retail Shop ~ We’re reaching out because your brand values align with our own here at Nurture, or because we see you are organic, or, offer Education Resources, Australian Made etc.

Awards ~ We saw that you won, or were a runner up or whatever they are, so you’ll need to double check, an award for the (ENTER AWARDS) so congratulations…

Previous Advertisers ~ We recognise that you have advertised with Nurture previously and wanted to reach out to understand your current marketing objectives after our recent restructure, and Global distribution. (You’ll see who these ones are by issue, at the following Dropbox link).

Simply choose one option above to target, I’ll choose for this example an Expo.

1. Search Expo in IG, or by google etc. I’ll choose One Fine Baby.

2. I can already see in their IG bio, the next event is in Sydney, March next year so research them by scrolling through their posts to see which brands they partner with but having said that, we don’t at this point know if they were or are future exhibitors so we need to look further. So, after clicking on their link in their bio, I can see links to TOP 8 ECZEMA, 11 PLAY MATS, 10 PRAMS, these are all perfect to quickly add to your list to fill up your prospects but for now, I want to see if they have any exhibitors listed on their website. Bingo, under their EXPOS tab, you have a list of all their Sydney exhibitors, and also Melbourne!!

3. Click on Sydney first because you can come back to Melbourne later. We already know that their next Expo is March next year in Sydney so you would target these clients first and I just checked when their Melbourne one will be happening, May next year and it currently says that the exhibitors will be listed soon so I would add this to the bottom of your prospects spreadsheet in the Sales Report so you don’t forget to contact these ones although, a lot of clients will do both. Add the link to easily find later, the source name = One Fine Baby – Melbourne. Follow up December, or a month after you list it to check if they have listed them yet, and then keep checking until you get the list.

4. Now we have a list of clients to start adding to the relevant packages on your list.

Step 8. Add Your Prospects

1. Qualify your lead/prospect by clicking the first client which is 59S. I can see it’s some sort of LED Sterilisation product but the good news is, we now these are all highly relevant leads because they are at a baby expo. I can c see they are various products in various categories, so we need to do a little more research before we can add them to your list so google their brand name, 59S and go to their website. You will see and by the brand name slogan, that these guys core products, are Sterilisers so that’s what they would be wanting to promote. I can see a category for Mum & Baby, so click on that because that is the category relevant for Nurture. You will see that they have 10 products in this category, so this would be a great one to add to your The Retailers Package target list, because they can add all of these products to the one ad, across a DPS, (2 pages) which would mean each product will have a print campaign costing $300 per product which is a great selling point. The cost of this package is $3,000 so divided by 10, is $300 per product.

2. Verify if this client is currently booked on the Tab 24 spreadsheet, if not, proceed to check if any other rep is targeting them on their Rep Prospects Tab, if not, proceed to the Dubsado Tab to see if they have booked previously because then you’ll have all the client’s details and will be able to be highly relevant in your communication with them, if not, proceed to check if they are in our database on the Prospects Tab to get their email and contact details, if not, proceed to find the marketing contacts name, or the business owners name, or marketing email on their website, socials, or LinkedIn Search.

3. Complete as many fields as you can on your Prospects Tab including the source, in this case it’s the One Fine Baby – Sydney Expo – March 24.

4. Return to the One Fine Baby Sydney Exhibitor List, and repeat the above steps for the next brand, to complete your target list by package, or at least exhaust all prospects on the list as you can. You can add more rows if you need to but I’d recommend at least 10 by package so you can bulk email them in one blast again, being very relevant knowing they are about to exhibit at the One Fine Baby Expo in Sydney.

5. Finish your list if it’s not completed i.e you don’t have 10 prospects for each package. You’ll need to find another source. I can already see you won’t have many for your Education Package list judging only by the logos or brands listed, but I can see at the bottom of the One Fine Baby page, that their are a few more clicks to look at using this source vs another one. I clicked on the Baby Expo link where I can see a few more options or brands to investigate, or qualify to potentially add to your list. Under ‘Recent One Fine Baby Expo brands include:’ You’ll already know from these brand logos, who you’ve already qualified from the previous steps, so if there are new ones, proceed with the above steps, only this time your source will be ‘One Fine Baby Expo – Recent’ so you can send a separate email to this group ‘We saw you exhibited at a recent One Fine Baby Expo and wanted to reach out for example. There’s a heap more when you click the ‘Our Brands’ link so I would change the source of Recent, to Previous to do Recent and unknown event dates as it won’t matter for the wording of the second email blast. I see also that there is a Proudly supporting – Birthing Kit Foundation so probably worth investigating but I just just clicked to find any partners on their website but none are listed. I the thn did a #birthingkitfoundation search on IG and still nothing so it’s a dead end, but I’m just showing you how to prospect. So, from here, you could start on another Expo, or retail shop, or, search particular categories to fill your package target list e.g. top 10 parenting books australia etc.

Please make sure you fill in the category column e.g. Australian Made, Self Love, Education, Retail, Organic etc because I will be adding these to the master database to send blasts to all prospects to help you behind the scenes but if you go to proposal stage, and copy and paste this client row to the Tab 24 spreadsheet meaning you have a lead who has responded with interest, I will be tagging them with pending so they don’t get a sales email. When they are booked, I will be tagging them in our system with booked 24, or 25 etc.

Step 9. Creating Your Intro Emails

By now you have set up your nurture email address on your computer, and you have your email addresses for your email lists, by package, completed on your Prospects lists and researched their website and socials to see what they are currently promoting to help with your recommendations, and added the details to each column on your Prospects list in the Sales Report.

So, here are some example templates you can use:


Master Intro Email Template

Subject: Unlock Growth Opportunities with Nurture Parenting Magazine Advertising

Hi [Client’s Name], (If you have found the contact, or Hi Marketing Department),

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to discuss your marketing plans for 2024. Are you planning now for the next calendar year? Or do you plan for Financial Year or adhoc because we have just released our 2024 release schedule and have an advertising opportunity that can help elevate your brand and drive significant results for your business targeting natural parents.

I’m [enter your name], from Nurture ~ Australia’s Natural Parenting Magazine. If you’re not familiar with Nurture, we are published in print Nationally, and now after our recent relaunch, World-wide in both eMagazine (Digitally), and POD (Print on Demand), so always available in back issue giving your campaign longevity in the market, and maximum reach.

Why Nurture Parenting Magazine?

Nurture Parenting Magazine stands out as a premium research based parenting resource, dedicated to providing valuable insights, inspiration, and support to a diverse audience of parents and caregivers World-wide. Our magazine has a dedicated readership seeking the latest trends, parenting advice, and product recommendations.

Key Benefits of Advertising with Us:

Targeted Reach: Connect directly with your ideal audience—parents actively seeking natural products and services to enhance their parenting journey.

Credibility and Trust: Associate your brand with a trusted publication that has consistently delivered high-quality content and built a loyal readership.

Multichannel Exposure: Extend your brand visibility beyond the pages of our magazine with online and social media promotion, amplifying your reach across various platforms. Every print package includes advertorial, and at no extra charge, a blog shared to major blogging platforms and our social media platforms with an audience of 80k+, our EDM of approx. 3k, and a directory ad on our homepage Natural Directory with a link to your store to drive traffic for purchase, plus readership of 7500 readership, and the new audience for the eMagazine in Digital Newsstands, and POD Globally.

Customised Campaign Solutions: Although we offer various highly relevant advertising packages to include exposure on all our platforms, you can also tailor your advertising strategy to meet your specific goals and budget. From double-page features to online banners, we offer a range of options to suit your needs.

What do our Readers think?:

“Best natural parenting magazine on the market!! Fantastic articles, written by dedicated professionals and every day people. Fantastic reviews of products have assisted me in making several informed purchases!”

Amy Margaret

“I love this mag especially for some of the articles on homeschooling/unschooling & so many of the parenting articles for Mums & Dads. It has lots of different products that I was looking for & had not come across until reading it. Always a wonderful contribution to my family life, keep up the great work.”

Tracey Thompson

Campaign Package Recommendation:

We’re reaching out because we have a highly relevant space left in our [enter package], and see that your brand is highly relevant for this [enter either – branding + advertorial + digital (Big Brand Equity Package only) or advertorial + digital (every other package)] campaign for our upcoming edition for [enter cover months (this next one is Dec/Jan 24)].

Please see the package on page [enter page number in kit] in the attached Media Kit as well as all the digital inclusions by issue as added value, with discounts (invoiced by issue), for longer term campaigns.

If you’d prefer any other package including The Big Brand Equity Package which includes both a brand ad (either a 1/4, Full Page, or Double Page Spread) depending on your budget, as well as advertorial & digital components at no additional charge, let me know so we can confirm availability prior to booking. [Obviously extract this last line if this email is going to your Big Brand Equity Prospect list].

We would need the material by 13 November [obviously this date will change after this next issue 24 is printed so check your kit dates on the release schedule to edit it] to get you back a proof prior to print for your approval.

[If this is an email for The Big Brand rand Equity Package, please add… If you don’t have artwork, please see the rates on the kit to use our designers.]

All packages are subject to availability at the time of booking so if you’d like to jump in front of our audience, please let us know your prefered package at your earliest convenience so we can send you the invoice and material instructions.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your email signature should be set up so make sure you test all the social and website links are working on a test email]

[Don’t forget to attach the Media Kit & update your prospects list to add the date you sent the email by client & please ensure if you are sending an email to more than one prospect, that you BCC (blind copy all recipients)].


Step 10. Follow Up

A couple of hours, or the next day latest, if you haven’t had a response to your email as yet, shoot a message to them on IG for example:

Hi [enter their name if you know it], we sent you an email to [enter the email address you sent it to], [earlier today or yesterday etc], so just making sure you got it. We sent you a highly relevant advertising package we have available in our upcoming edition of Nurture.

Is that the correct email address for marketing? If not, please let me know who we should resend it to as we are nearing the deadline. In the meantime, here’s the link to instantly download the packages [] but would love to discuss further. Let me know. Thanks, [enter your name].

[Add the date and social media platform you messaged them on with any updates from the email or your message to your prospects spreadsheet so that if you don’t hear back, you can follow them up with hey, we messaged you a couple of weeks ago, just wondering if you had a chance to look at the package because the deadline is near so just trying to confirm you have received the packages in the Media Kit via the link above, or email].

Step 10. Bookings

Once a prospect has shown interest by responding, please copy & paste the row from your prospects sheet, to the Issue #24 tab in the Sales Report, under Proposals Outstanding, and add notes as to what the response was/is and what your response back to them was if they wanted further information.

If they confirmed they want to book, ask them to return the interactive booking form, or send them the link to the package they want on the advertise page of our website, or the link directly on the package in the media kit to pay online, then, add that note in the Next Steps column. If they send the booking form, please save it in Dropbox and message, (messenger), me with the client’s name so I can jump into the Sales Report to see all the details to invoice them with the material instructions, and we’ll move the row up to the Bookings Pending section. If they do book online, we’ll send their paid invoice with the material instructions for their tax records.

Once they pay, we will update the Sales Report by copy & pasting the row to the page they will be featured on the under Confirmed section, and tag our email database as ‘Client 24’ so they don’t get further sales emails for that issue.

Then you’ll need to follow up their material if you haven’t received it in your nurture email inbox by the deadline for each edition. They may send it to one of our other email addresses but if that’s the case, I’ll just forward it to you so that you can file it in Dropbox file for the designer to do the proofs for you to send back to your client for approval or any edits.

The dropbox link is above in your resources links, (that you should have bookmarked by now). You’ll see the file is called Advertisers. You’ll see all the files you will be using i.e in Artwork, then in the Artwork by Issue file, you’ll see each package to file your client’s artwork in by issue. You’ll also see a file for Booking Forms to file by Commenced Issue #.

The Proofs file will be where design put proofs for you to send to your client, and then the Tear Sheets is where the design team will file individual png files to send to your client for them to use on their social media if they choose to, ‘As Seen In Nurture.’


Last Steps

No that you have your prospects out and hopefully by now some leads and responses, your Nurture email address & signature is set up, you are now admin on Nurture’s FB & IG platforms for messaging prospects and clients and links to all the resources you’ll need, bookmarked in your Chrome bar for quick access, we’ll need to add you to our Nurture Team FB Group so please message me, (messenger), now so we can send you an invite, and introduce you to the team.

Feel free to message me at any time to help any way I can but I will be keeping an eye on your sales report and offer suggestions along the way so it’s important to keep it updated and again, your commission will be paid weekly provided the client’s payments have cleared in our accounts, so please message me your bank account details so we can transfer using Wise.

Welcome to the team, we wish you every success!



Multi-Platform Advertising


Blogs, Natural Directory, Articles, Banners, Web Tiles, Product Reviews, App Reviews, Giveaways, Competitions, Recipes and more.


Monthly eDM

3K + subscribers

Sponsorship, Promo’s, Giveaways, Competitions, Recipes, Sneak Peeks of Nurture Parenting Magazine, What’s New, What’s On, Product Reviews.


40% pregnant women 60% 0-1yr old child

75% 1-4 yr old child

40% 5-8 year old child.

* Readers have multiple children.


Bi-Monthly 6 Issues per year. Readership 45,000 + digital audience globally. Circulation: 92.5%. National Distribution: In Newsagents & via subscription on Nurtures site, & iSubscribe plus, exclusive inclusion into various Private Hospitals + Newsstands.

International Distribution: Nurture is also available in over 600 National Libraries globally + 40,000+ Newsstands.


Cross-Platform Advertising