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Many parents struggle to find baby playmats that look stylish in their homes. Lillefolk makes Scandinavian designed playmats in neutral colours that look like beautiful, real rugs. The playmats are non-toxic (PVC and BPA free), can be wiped clean (they’re waterproof) and easy to pack away and store when not in use. Now you can have a stylish family home that’s also safe and nurturing for your little ones for everything from eating to painting! Lillefolk has you covered.

My Milk Will Go Our Love Will Grow

My Milk Will Go, Our Love Will Grow is a children’s book written to help mothers talk to young children about weaning from breastfeeding. Using simple words, rhyme, and relatable illustrations, this book helps children gain an understanding of the transition while addressing day and nighttime weaning. It is a sweet keepsake to represent the beautiful breastfeeding relationship. This book was written by Jessica Elder, mother of four and clinical social worker.

Happy Go Ducky

At Happy Go Ducky, our mission has and always will be to remain plastic-free! We love sourcing hard to find, natural handmade toys that are non-toxic and sustainable from boutique brands all over Europe. All of our packing materials are also recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable. We’re a small family-owned business located in Sydney, Australia, and our passion is sourcing unique, traditional, and one of a kind children’s toys that will be loved, cherished and passed on when the time comes. Visit our online store and find the perfect keepsake gift.

Totli Australia

Totli is changing the way children play with their clever range of Montessori-inspired toys. Designed by an Australian Teacher and Mum to nurture children’s natural creativity, curiosity, learning, and development through play. Founder of Totli, Lauren, says, ‘Totli was inspired by a love for learning and bringing children back to basics. We’re on a mission to help parents create enriching experiences for their children in an easy and meaningful way.’ Totli’s range of playthings are ethically crafted from natural and organic materials. If you’re looking for sustainable toys that promote less toys, more joy!

Bear Timber

The concept of Bear Timber came about during one of the most challenging times the world has encountered – Covid-19. As an early childhood teacher, I was eager to extend my knowledge and educational experiences to other families through providing sustainable and eco friendly resources that promoted and encouraged play-based and open ended learning. Our one of a kind wooden tool puzzle has been designed and created in Tasmania, Australia with the little building enthusiast in mind. The large, chunky pieces are easy for toddlers and young children to grasp and manipulate. With Christmas just around the corner, our educational resources make the perfect gift


WHATSiE is the modular play couch that parents and kids can’t get enough of! Designed by a local Sydney Mum to be comfortable, stylish, and fit right into the modern home while still being incredibly versatile for play. Founder of WHATSiE, Lisa says, “Having two boys with boundless energy and incredible imaginations during the 2020 lockdowns, I needed something that steered them away from screens and into active, creative play as much as possible. That’s how the WHATSiE was born.” The WHATSiE play couch is available in ten colour palettes, with exciting new add ons coming soon! Visit their website to shop now.

Raising Readers

A gentle guide for parents and educators to help foster a love of reading in children from birth and beyond. Award-winning teacher librarian Megan Daley unpacks twenty years of experience in children’s literature in this personable and accessible guide, enhanced with up-to-date research and firsthand accounts from well-known Australian children’s authors. Megan says, ‘creating “a culture of reading in your home encourages self-awareness, kindness and empathy, reduces stress and opens up new worlds and ways of thinking.’ Easy to follow, practical, and bursting with great book recommendations, activity ideas and more, Raising Readers is essential reading.


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