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Hey there Nurturer!

We’re excited to have you on board as an Advertising Sales Representative!

So, further to our phone interview, here are the next steps in getting started to ensure not only your success, but the success of distributing Nurture ~ Australia’s natural parenting magazine.

We are excited you are interested to learn more about joining our team as an Advertising Sales Representative, (Account Manager) but first, who are we?

Nurture is Australia’s Natural Parenting Magazine, published bi-monthly, (every 8 weeks, 6 per year), by parents, for parents, right here in Australia. Nurture is available in both printed hard copy Nationally and is now available in both Print on Demand & digitally in over 40,000 Newsstands Globally so Nurture will always be available in back issue!

This comprehensive training guide will provide you with the information and resources you need to excel in your role and contribute not only to the success of your professional career, but also to the success of our team, and our magazine!

I’d strongly recommend viewing the links at each step of this guide before continuing so you understand the full process.

After reviewing this guide, there is a button below to click to get to the next step which is an interview call on FB Messenger, with me Yasmin, the owner of Nurture. Once we agree mutually that we’ll be an awesome fit for our team, you will be provided with a link to a How To Get Started ~ Step By Step Guide to get you started fast!

The following may look like a lot, but it’s so you have the information in full to know what the role entails, and to always have it as a resource so let’s do this!





As an Advertising Sales Representative, your primary responsibility will be to generate revenue for the magazine by selling advertising space, and digital activity, to businesses that cater to parents and families.

You will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, understanding who the decision maker is ie the marketing manager/contact, their advertising needs, their booking cycles ie when do they plan their marketing activity each year, or are they adhoc, (meaning they don’t plan ahead so they may be in a position to book a campaign at any time of the year), to find creative solutions (campaigns/packages), to help them reach their target audience being natural, conscious parents. You will also be responsible for scheduling their campaign inclusions, and ensuring all material deadlines are met.

I strongly suggest that you only send emails or communicate within Australian business hours, not at 3am in the morning. It looks unprofessional and won’t help you to build trust.

It’s vital you find the decision maker prior to discussing potential campaigns so you are speaking with the person who can actually book with you. It’s also vital to know when they plan ie their planning cycle, (when they actually plan their marketing activity), so that you can make a note and contact them at that time so we don’t miss out on being on their marketing schedules, or miss out on part of their budget!

Take a read of our home page, and subscribers page to learn what consumers/readers would view, to get a 360 view or understanding, of what Nurture offers potential readers, then take a look at the advertise page to see what information potential clients would view.



You will see that there is a button for potential clients to download the Media Kit instantly so you know where to find the link at any time to send to your prospects. If you are talking to someone or sending a recommended package, please don’t give them the Advertise page link, or you can so they can learn more depending on which stage in the conversation or pipeline you are in, but you definitely should send or attach the actual media kit link so they don’t have to enter their email and details to make it easy for them to access because if you’re in contact with them, we have their contact details anyway so it would be pretty inconvenient for the client to have to enter these details again. Download the Kit on the Advertise page above, so you can see exactly what clients will see, and therefore the links or attachment, you need to send prospects.

Please ensure you download the Kit and study every page from our distribution, platforms, audience, deadlines, packages and their inclusions including the rates and discounts by issue, plus the material specs and our t&c’s so you are fully educated an equipped to answer clients quickly and correctly.


There are really only 3 types of packages:

1. Brand Ad + Advertorial = (Product Image or lifestyle shot with copy), in the Big Brand Equity Package.

2. Multiple products = services or books for example from a product range, or various authors, or a series of books from one author in the Retailers Package. This can also be used for a recipe with product sales e.g. Ravioli with a picture of the actual product, where it’s sold and the RRP, (Recommended retail price), or an extract of a book, or bio on an author as this is a DPS, (Double Page Spread), which is two pages that can be run side by side, or split within any edition of Nurture.

3. Advertorial = which again, differs from a brand ad as it is a lifestyle or product image with copy, (words/content), in the Showcase Package or the other Advertorial Package options on page 18. You will see there are two packages for the Showcase Package, (2 DPS’s). Tested on Humans is for any product that is consumable, e.g. skincare, food etc. Team Picks is for physical products e.g. prams, carriers, accessories etc.

There is an explanation of what each package is best for in terms of brands, on page 2 of the Kit!

All packages include a directory ad on our home page with a link to brands/clients product for purchase, and a blog shared to major blogging platforms and our social platforms, which we create from their print material. See more on pages 20 & 21.

The reach for our print magazine Nationally is 7,500 readers + subscribers, 45,000 per year, and a potential reach of over 80,000 for our digital audience. Our EDM, (Electronic Direct Mail), is approx. 3,500 that receive our monthly ENews. The global distribution including digital eMag, and POD, (Print on Demand which means that readers can order a printed copy of Nurture anywhere around the world forever giving the client longevity), is new from the next edition of Nurture, which is Issue #24, so no stats are available as yet. Please see pages 7, & 8 for the details.



To effectively carry out your role, it is important to understand the advertising sales process at Nurture Parenting Magazine but please ensure you have studied the Media Kit before you proceed so you understand the rest of this training.

Here are the key steps involved:

1. Prospecting: Identify potential clients and businesses, brands & products that align with our target audience and magazine values. There are many ways to do this, but I would recommend opening an instagram account for the purposes of following and saving potential brands, and the brands they follow, expos, (exhibitions), like the pbc EXPO. The exhibitors are huge targets/prospects for you as they are activity marketing and you can save the products/brands you want to follow up and/or follow them so you can view their phone number and/or email in their account to contact them. Please note, if you go to their (Expo), website, you can click on their expos by state to view the exhibitors in an easy list but add them to your prospecting list, (more about that below), with contact details quickly because they remove the exhibitor list once the show is over so you will miss a gold mine! Another huge prospecting expo is One Fine Baby, or the Naturally Good Expo. There here are hundreds of ways to find clients and their contact details on social media, particularly IG, or LinkedIn for marketing managers, so just keep saving to follow up suitable brands/products. Awards another great source of prospective clients/brands, like the Clean & Conscious Awards. or Roar Awards, because you know they are 100% vetoed and suitable for our audience. Again, look at their website and get the complete list to add to your spreadsheet to contact them. A simple google search of best baby products, organic baby products or natural baby brands etc will give you thousands of prospects or searching a massive baby brand like Moogoo on google, will give you a list of all the online retail shops they are listed on but I’d steer clear of pharmacies due to medicines etc, but online shops like Nourished Earth for example has a baby, child & teen category so perfect to add to your list.

Please bare in mind, you’re looking for natural or eco-friendly products that are suitable for mamas & dads, and children from birth to the early childhood years, plus pregnant woman.

If you use ChatGPT, I’ve got the free chrome extension if you’re on a mac, you can search things like the following:

‘What are the most popular online retail stores to find natural baby products?’ …. ‘Can you give me 10 that australian based?’

‘Absolutely! Here are 10 online stores based in Australia that offer natural baby products:

Biome Eco Stores: Biome focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable products, including natural baby care items.

Nourished Life: This online store offers a variety of organic and natural baby products, including skincare and clothing.

Eco Child: An Australian store dedicated to eco-friendly and organic baby products, from clothing to toys.

Little Earth Nest: Specializing in environmentally friendly and organic baby products, this store offers a range of options for conscious parents.

Eco Toys: They focus on environmentally friendly toys, but also offer natural and organic baby care products.

Organic Babe & Kids Wear: As the name suggests, this store specializes in organic clothing for babies and kids.

Hello Charlie: A one-stop-shop for natural and organic baby products, including skincare, feeding, and clothing.

Bubba Organics: Known for their natural and organic baby skincare products, this Australian brand is widely available online.

Ecolosophy: This online store offers a curated selection of eco-friendly and sustainable baby products.

Baby Bunting: While not exclusively focused on natural products, Baby Bunting, as a large baby store in Australia, offers a variety of organic and natural options.’



A really easy way to make sales is to search clients who are already doing print in other magazines like The Natural Parent or MAMA DISRUPT. (Please take note, that when you are writing to clients, you must type their brand name the same as their logo so you look professional). Follow them to see what advertisers come up, search their website for advertisers or you could look at magazine’s from NZ like OHbaby or BUMP&baby, or free magazine’s on issuu.

Another simple way to find potential client’s, is by relevance meaning the packages we offer e.g. The Australian Made Package, so you would google or ask ChatGPT, e.g. What are the top 20 Australian Made natural baby products, or accessories, or what are the top 30 nursery gifts for baby in Australia… pregnancy…. or by online retail stores like Part & Parcel, or ask ChatGPT for the biggest online book distributors in Australia so you can offer The Education Package and so on for each package. If they are a big brand, for accessories or high cost items e.g. prams or furniture etc, I’d offer The Big Brand Equity package as that also includes The Showcase Package ie a product advertorial feature at no extra charge.

2. Contacting: Reach out to potential clients through phone calls, emails, or social media platforms, to introduce yourself and Nurture Parenting Magazine. I always ask if they are familiar with our magazine as a way to open the conversation. Again, it’s important to ensure you have the correct person to speak with so I always ask who handles their marketing and ask them to forward my email to them if they won’t give me a name or email. Companies don’t really give out names but at least you can get the email or do a search on LinkedIn by Company to search their employees to find media buyers, or marketing managers.

Needs Assessment: Understand the advertising needs and objectives of each client to propose suitable advertising packages is key so that you can offer highly relevant packages that will interest them so do your research across their social media, website and a google search etc to understand what they are currently promoting in the market so you can be educated on their business. If you don’t do this, you will lose the client’s interest.

3. Presenting: Create compelling advertising proposals or recommendations to showcase the benefits of advertising with Nurture Parenting Magazine. An example of an intro email would be… Always let them know you’ve done your research i.e. We had a look at your latest e.g. VTec Romeo Pram and thought you’d be interested in promoting it to our natural parenting audience here at Nurture Parenting Magazine. There is space for our upcoming edition, in The Big Brand Equity Package that includes a brand ad of any size you prefer to fit your budget, an advertorial product feature at no extra charge, and digital inclusions to extend your reach across not just our print audience Nationally, but also our social media audience. If you’re not familiar with Nurture, we are Australia’s natural parenting magazine distributed Nationally in Newsagents, + now in eMag digitally, in over 40k Newsstands + POD (Print on Demand) Globally, and have a social media following of 80k+. Please see page WYZ on the attached Media Kit for the package details, but you’ll also see on the following page, additional digital inclusions by issue, depending on how long you would like to stay in front of our audience for longer term exposure, PLUS, volume discounts by issue, invoiced by issue not up front. Please let me know if you are the correct person to discuss this with as we’d like to understand more about your marketing objectives and planning cycles to ensure we keep you posted with any relevant opportunities that come up. If not, could you please forward this to the correct person. We look forward to discussing this campaign with you further and look forward to your response to discuss next steps but please bare in mind the material deadline is near. Should you wish to proceed with booking with us, please return the interactive booking form on the attached so we can lock in your package as this is subject to being available at the time of booking. We will then send you the invoice with material instructions or, let us know if you are interested in any of the other advertorial packages we offer so we can confirm the space and send you the relevant instructions. Thanks in advance. Yasmin. Or, we saw you were a finalist for the XYZ Awards congratulations…. Or, we saw you exhibited at the recent XYZ Expo in Sydney…… Or, we saw your blog on….. Or, we realise your brand is eco friendly, or 100% natural, or you are targeting pregnant women….. etc. and would be highly relevant to our audience here at …… We have a highly relevant package for you in our upcoming edition of …… Without this initial opening, you will not have their attention and you should always offer a package. If a client is suitable for more than one package, keep it at a max of 2 recommendations and offer both but most clients can’t choose so it holds up the booking process so offer them the opportunity to swap packages longer term.


Please use a free Grammarly account set to Australian (British English NOT USA)….. to review before you send any emails.


4. Closing a Deal: Negotiate terms and pricing with clients to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Make sure they know they can change, packages and artwork by issue. Confirm the number of issues they want to book and ensure they know about the discounts and additional digital components longer term. Make sure you have also offered a space in the next Gift Guide as an additional cost for further exposure. Once a deal is approved by a client, please ensure all necessary details are filled out on the interactive booking form, (no need for them to print it, they just have to fill it in and save it to their computer, then), and send the form to advertise@nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au so we can send the invoice with material instructions directly to the client for you, cc’ing your personal nurture email which will be provided to you with instructions on how to access it on your computer should you be approved to join us as a sales rep. Of course, if they send you the booking form, just send it to advertise@nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au so we can process the booking for payment. You will note that they can also book on our website if you send them the link. A link to each package is on each package of the kit also so once we see a booking come through, we will action with the material instructions and paid invoice for their tax records. Please also note that we charge GST on all packages, including artwork if the client needs to use our designers for their ad, and all bookings including digital activity, which is 10%, e.g. if a booking is $500, it will be $500 + GST = $550.

5. Account Management: When the client has paid, you will be notified by us here at HQ, or you can click the invoice link in the email to the client that you are cc’d on to see the status. You will then need to fill in all fields outlined on our Sales Report Google Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is to ensure the smooth delivery of your campaign to the client to ensure you remind them that their material is due 5 days prior to the material deadline of each issue. Once you have received the material, you will need to upload it to Dropbox so our designer can access it to produce proofs for you to send to the client for approval prior to going to print, or in the case of digital activity, going live. Thereafter, you will need to send proof of live activity, screenshots or links for digital, and a tear sheet that our design team will provide for you which is just a mockup of their feature in the magazine for them to share on their social media with a thank you for working with us here at Nurture. If the client has booked additional issues, we will send the relevant invoice again cc’ing you, that we will see on the Sales Report you’ve filled out. If the f the client hasn’t booked for the next issue, it’s a great opportunity to review what they are doing on social media and find another idea to propose to them. At that point, you are able to offer to deduct the discount if they had have booked 2 issues for example. So, 2.5% deducted for the first issue, plus 2.5% off the next edition so you can give them a 5% discount in total off their next invoice for the second issue/booking plus ensure you point out the additional digital inclusions which is a ad on our home page for 2 issues. It’s also a good idea to say if you want additional discounts, and additional digital inclusions, please see the details on page XYZ on the Media Kit attached again for your convenience. Then repeat the same steps as outlined here.

Please maintain regular communication with your clients to ensure their satisfaction, address any concerns, and seek opportunities for upselling or renewal, usually by asking about their marketing plans, any new products coming up for them, any promotions coming for Christmas for example, or, by investigating their social media and website. I highly recommend you signing up to their newsletters on their website if they offer one. That way you will know what they are doing with their marketing to hopefully offer a blog, a post, an EDM, or a Gift Guide Package. Please note, we share blogs and posts 2 times over a week or two to get the clients maximum reach so you will need to ensure you note on the Sales Report / Media Schedule, an end date if the content is time specific. Our posts are all branded by Nurture, see page 21 for examples of graphic options, including carousels etc. You will see different templates for various promotional options e.g. sales, giveaways, podcasts etc.



To support you in your role, here are some key tools and resources you will have access to:

1. Advertising Materials: You will have access to a range of advertising materials, rate cards, and sample advertisements, which will help you effectively present the benefits of advertising with Nurture Parenting Magazine in the Media Kit, as well as details on our website pages.

2. CRM & Email System: We use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email system to track and manage client interactions. We use Dubsado for invoices and client portals, (for them to upload their material or, you can just upload their material to a file in our Dropbox) and for us to stay on top of each campaign in addition to a Sales Report which has a Media Schedule, (Google Spreadsheet), checklist. This tool will help you keep track of leads, contacts, and sales opportunities. You will also be able to able to upload your own csv file of contacts to send package recommendations to separate list of multiple prospects e.g. a list of Australian Made prospects to see who opens your mail to contact them after a few days, or to see what link they clicked on to see what they are interested in. This email system is Get Response which is very new for us also. There are plenty of tutorials available to quickly learn about tagging clients by education, cruelty free for example to send specific relevant packages to with branded emails for you to send to multiple prospects.

3. Email Address: You will be provided a nurture email address e.g. john@nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au, so you must only use this when communicating with clients.

4. Sales Report: You will be provided a link to this Google Spreadsheet file as it is a team file to ensure all deadlines are met. As mentioned, it is also a media schedule so we know what additional material we need until the completion of the campaign but more importantly, it is a line by line, page by page advertising space and package schedule so you know at any time what packages or spaces are available per issue, and which are NOT to offer your client an alternative package if one is fully booked. It is also so you know what clients NOT to approach if they are already clients we are currently working with. There is a section to add leads which means an interested client you have sent a proposal or recommendation to, but has not yet booked so you don’t miss a lead, and again, no two reps are talking to the same client.

5. Training and Support: We provide ongoing support to help you succeed in your role. Your manager and colleagues will be available to answer any questions and guide you through the sales process.

6. Marketing Collateral: Our marketing team creates engaging content, social media posts, and newsletters that you can share with potential clients to demonstrate the magazine’s reach and engagement as outlined in the Media Kit it, and also artwork should the client not have their own graphic designer and which to use ours at a cost. This his will need to be added to the booking form so always ask if they have artwork ready, or have their own designer prior to booking but this will only be for The Big Equity Package as that package has a brand ad in it. All other packages and advertorial, including blogs, social activity etc must be supplied by the client. Please see the material specs on page 28 but this will be sent with the invoice regardless. Please use our brand colours and fonts where possible so we’re consistent in our messaging.


1. Again, it’s advisable to install Grammarly on your keyboard to ensure you are using Australian English / British not American. The biggest differences between the two are mum vs mom so to be universal, always use mama. The other big one is z.. where we use s. We need to maintain our integrity when speaking to clients, to use the language or spelling to be professional and, provide attention to detail.

2. The clients or brands we allow in our magazine must be natural and safe, so brands and products that share the same values as us. For example, Nurture does not accept cots because we advocate safe co-sleeping & babywearing, (co-sleepers are fine!), and we wouldn’t accept kid’s makeup for example, as it would be perceived as superficial, or brands like Play Doh… read the ingredients, it’s toxic believe it or not, as are a lot of crafts brands, crayons, paints etc. It’s a good idea to check reviews or google the brand and, or ingredients but we only include organic or natural products. Brands like J&J, Gaia, Nestle, Kellogs…. are probably not great given their history in producing products that don’t align with our brand values. Another big one is no dummies or pacifiers, it goes against self soothing… So, no dummies or pacificiers in any pictures on social media, nor will they be promoted on any of our platforms. Please go natural, or organic but do your research before we knock them back for reasons we can’t tell you about in 10 mins but we hope you’re getting it by now.

3. We abide by the World Health Organisation guidelines. We are a researched based magazine so no fluffy stuff in terms of the articles we publish. We wouldn’t advertise any infant milk formula below the age of 24 months and here’s why:

WHO and UNICEF recommend that children initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of birth and be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life – meaning no other foods or liquids are provided, including water.

‘Infants should be breastfed on demand – that is as often as the child wants, day and night. No bottles, teats or pacifiers should be used.’


‘From the age of 6 months, children should begin eating safe and adequate complementary foods while continuing to breastfeed for up to two years of age or beyond. We are focused on baby led-weaning which means introducing real foods vs purees or rice cereal.’

4. With regards to medicine, medical devices, some health products, and pharmaceutical products, we have to comply with the advertising laws set out by the Australian Governing Regulator, The Therapeutic Goods Administration. This means that advertisers can’t make any health benefit claims without their products being approved by the TGA, to ensure the claims are true, or substantiated. In this case, all advertising must have a TGA code present on their ad which is why you will see a checkbox on the booking form if their products require TGA approval. If you are talking to a client that may fall under this guideline, just ask them and ensure they provide the code on both the booking form, and their artwork. We will be in a lot of trouble, (fined), if we run anything that falls under these categories without the approval number on the actual ad. If in doubt, please ask.




We have a small team, two of whom are VA’s’ from the Philippines, Eve has been with us for approx. 10 years and runs our social media and mentor live Q&A’s in our private FB Group which has about 1600 members and growing. Giles is our Graphic Designer and Distributor looking after our eMagazines and POD. I’m Yasmin, owner and business manager. We have Guest Editors to proof the magazine before we print, and a network of writers that send us articles for potential publishing each issue. We are now obviously looking for new Sales Reps to complete the team… to hit the ground running as they say, meaning start right away!




We have just relaunched after setting up the new team, a restructure, and the new global distribution along with lot’s of other new stuff including new printers so, you may get some angry clients, or clients questioning a delay in getting this next edition out but these are the reasons for it to ensure every client’s campaign has maximum reach, and success!




As stated in the ad, this is a commission based role of 10% of all bookings ie paid revenue by your clients however, it does not include the GST component as that has to go to our Government. Once your client’s pay, we will transfer you the commision component weekly, (provided the client has paid and it has been received by us). Sometimes the client might pay with a credit card for example so that can take up to 3-5 business days to clear, but we use Stripe for our payment gateway and that takes up to 3 days to clear in Nurture’s accounts so a total will be tallied each week and transferred to you. As mentioned, you will be selling the same space as another rep, and we also have ongoing bookings, so the more you work on prospecting, the higher commission you will get. There is roughly $40k, minimum, in ad space/package in print each edition so there’s a possibility of $4,000 AUD or roughly 145719.84 (PHP) per issue. You must make sure once you get access to the Sales Report that no one else in our team is talking to a particular brand or client so we don’t duplicate.

There are other ways to make more commision by selling the Gift Guide, there are 3 per year see page 22 for details and also to view each guide live at the link that you can send to clients also so make sure you offer clients this option to add to their campaign, or if they don’t book a campaign, offer this as an option, or any other digital activity as outlined in the kit.

There are also ways to add urgency for a client to book with you, like adding a free post for example outside of deadlines again as outlined in the kit, however please be mindful of the digital inclusions already in each package as it’s a great way to incentivise clients to book longer term meaning if they have a great blog on their website for example, you could say, just saw your blog on XYZ, if you book three issues, you get a solus, (every issue has the blog and directory ad, but they are shared with everyone else in each advertorial feature, this is their own blog), if you wanted us to promote it? We would just need the header image, (optional as we have access to multiple photographers that we can use as you would have seen on the contributors page with credit to them), and copy, with any links, Video url and any other images they want on it, shared to major blogging sites and our social media which is included at no charge with a value of $250, plus you then get 5% off each issue, invoiced by issue not up front. Obviously you can talk them into booking all 6 issues with the same strategy, only a higher discount of 12.5% of each issue. I’d strongly suggest researching each client before you make contact but you will have a much higher chance of them booking if you actually outlined a full recommendation. 1 issue you could run XYZ, you could use XYZ for 2 issues that includes a carousel feature in Brands We Love on our home page with a link directory to your store for traffic and a backlink for SEO purposes. 3 issues you could ad your XYZ blog etc. By showing you understand a client’s business, and offering suggestions, you will build greater relationships and trust. You can also offer giveaways for urgency to get them to book. There is here is the Sharing haring Kindness Challenge for up to 3 clients only, to giveaway a prize to one lucky reader, with a minimum value of $350 each. Or, for one client only, the Subs giveaway. All prizes are sent directly to the winners or recipients, not to Nurture. Both are heavily promoted in print, and all social media and blogging sites. You can add this at no charge for print campaigns, but if they aren’t booking a print campaign, it is $250 + GST for either option. Please see page 23 of the kit for details.




Your obvious goal is to maximise your earning potential. As we invoice by issue, your strategy should be to get the client to book as many issues as you can by offering them suggestions as mentioned above, with the discounts, to book long term. That way you can move on to another client and have that commission ready for the next edition when we invoice all clients that have booked that issue. If and when each issue is full, use that to secure clients for the issue after that one by saying we’re fully booked for the next edition but we have space in the next one which is Attachment Parenting, our Jan/Feb cover for example. Obviously you will need to ensure all their material deadlines are met, and the material is uploaded to Dropbox, but other than that, your commission is locked in for additional issues. We invoice future editions the moment each edition has gone to print but you will see the deadlines in the release schedule of the kit.

If at any stage, we see anyone misleading potential clients, or clients, or being unprofessional, we will have no choice but to end our relationship as the reputation of Nurture should be upheld at all times.

In any event, including if you decide to end our relationship, or change the direction of your career, or for any reason want to leave, any bookings you have in the system will be passed to another rep to manage. In this event, you will not be paid commission for any future bookings that you aren’t here to manage. Please feel free to email me at yasmin@nurtureparentingmagazine.com.au if you have any concerns, or to provide at least 2 weeks notice if for whatever reason, you choose to leave our team.


So, thanks for getting this far! I know it’s a lot of information to digest but this is a very condensed training guide to ensure your success with us here at Nurture. The team and I have a messenger group to discuss deadlines and any issues to support each other so that there aren’t 10,000 emails in your inbox … arrgghh!

If you are interested in working with us, and are confident you have understood the role with all the above information and recommendations, please contact me on Messenger at the link below. I will arrange a time with you to have a call over Messenger to meet you and discuss next steps!

We look forward to having you as part of the team BUT please ensure you have studied the MEDIA KIT by instantly downloading as per the above instructions, or the link below as this has every package you can offer clients with deadlines, material instructions, rates and package details!


Multi-Platform Advertising


Blogs, Natural Directory, Articles, Banners, Web Tiles, Product Reviews, App Reviews, Giveaways, Competitions, Recipes and more.


Monthly eDM

3K + subscribers

Sponsorship, Promo’s, Giveaways, Competitions, Recipes, Sneak Peeks of Nurture Parenting Magazine, What’s New, What’s On, Product Reviews.


40% pregnant women 60% 0-1yr old child

75% 1-4 yr old child

40% 5-8 year old child.

* Readers have multiple children.


Bi-Monthly 6 Issues per year. Readership 45,000 + digital audience globally. Circulation: 92.5%. National Distribution: In Newsagents & via subscription on Nurtures site, & iSubscribe plus, exclusive inclusion into various Private Hospitals + Newsstands.

International Distribution: Nurture is also available in over 600 National Libraries globally + 40,000+ Newsstands.


Cross-Platform Advertising














Multimedia Marketing Campaigns


Simply click here to message Yasmin on messenger to arrange a time to chat over messenger. After that, we will provide you with the NEXT STEPS, and resources you’ll need to get started!