Gerlinde Hayson

Gerlinde Hayson

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years, with a specific interest in mental health, since my first training in Mental Health Aware Yoga with Dr Lauren Tober (clinical psychologist ) September 2019.

Lauren and I share the same mentor, Dr Richard Miller who is the founder of Integrative Restoration. This is the main meditation that I have studied and embodied for the past 6 years. After learning Transcedental Meditation at the age of 6, this was the main tool I had with me for 40 years….until I jumped the meditation ship, to iRest. Its called iRest for short and this practice alone changed how I dealt with my anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. It also assists in healing PTSD, pain, insomnia and fear in the body.

I’ve since trained with Maria Kirsten in March 2020 for Yoga for Seniors and then felt compelled to do her Mental Health training in July 2020.
Maria was such an inspiring teacher & mentor & her sudden passing away from cancer in April this year, shock me to my core. It uncovered more of my own grief & have spent the past few months revisiting this.

I have suffered & struggled with mental health issues my whole life, which lead me to learning as much as I can on the subject and teaching others, who have been in similar situations.

I have been teaching children yoga and meditation in schools and littlies in kindergartens. This has been another passion of mine. I have been at a 2 schools since the start of last year and kindy’s for over 4 years.

I am currently training with Stacey Louise from Calm Fairies, to become a children’s Calm Coach. From here, I plan to join Stacey in this role in hospitals, to assist children awaiting medical procedures with calming techniques.

I’m extremely passionate about sharing tools around something as important as mental health, especially regarding assisting children. I know how much I have benefited from the tools I have learnt around my mental health training.

I have worked with a MS client this year through chair yoga and meditation and had some fantastic results. I also have an elderly father with Parkinson’s, so am used to being around all types of issues and helping where I can. My main clients are children & parents, & also work with the more mature age group. I enjoy sharing gentle and accessible asana with them, but predominately how to breathe, relax, build resilience, increase mobility and strength.

This is definitely a position that I feel extremely confident in helping you with. I have a hard working ethic and I am kind, honest, considerate, loving, gentle, nurturing and most of this is my hearts desire to assist others who have struggled like I have.

Many thanks and I deeply appreciate this wonderful opportunity.

Gerlinde Hayson
0457 428 331

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