Ground2Skin began when I fell pregnant with my first child. Being a first-time mother at a young age, I knew that I needed to take my time in researching and learning absolutely everything about babies, and baby-related products.

Throughout this process, I learnt that there were so many different things to think about. Before falling pregnant, I had never really thought about the dangers of anything in my food, in my skincare, in my haircare or body care – nothing!

And so, this was a pivotal moment in my life, I was now really looking at the impact that chemicals and preservatives had on not only my health but the health of my new baby.

Before I knew it, I was spending late nights and months upon months researching to understand different product’s ingredients, process methods and their labels. I found myself taking the time to look at every single one of the ingredients listed on the products – something I had never even thought of before.

During my grocery trips, I found myself being blown away by skincare products and the horrific ingredients and chemicals found in them. At this moment I thought to myself ‘wow there isn’t much of a variety of skincare products that I would use on my new bubs’. I figured that the only way I would ever really know what was going on my young family’s skin was if I had made the products myself. And this was really the lightbulb moment, and the moment my business had begun.

My love for all things organic, chemical-free and safe had flourished, and I began transitioning my family, towards a more low-tox lifestyle. My passion for pursuing safe and natural ingredients for my families skincare bought me to creating Ground2Skin.

I created Ground2Skin with one thing in mind: wanting to provide people with SAFE products, that are affordable, because to me health is always the #1 priority.

When choosing a skincare brand for your family, it’s so important to investigate what the ingredients of the products are. Unfortunately, the skincare industry is known for its bad rep with harmful ingredients. Some key ingredients to avoid are fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens and alcohol – all ingredients that we strictly avoid using here at Ground2Skin.

Throughout my research process, I found that there seemed to be a bit of a disconnect between ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ products. The truth is a lot of the natural skincare brands and products out there, may have natural ingredients in them, that serve a purpose – however not all of these natural ingredients are safe. We work really hard to find gentler and safer alternatives that won’t break down the barrier of your skin.

The main difference between Ground2Skin and other natural skincare brands is that we are a 100% handcrafted small business, and our products are exclusive to our brand, and our customers only.

At the heart of Ground2Skin, we believe that you don’t need to compromise the health of your family when opting for skincare products. I know how difficult it can be to find natural skincare that fits your standard of safe and gentle (and effective!).

I believe each and every person is different – and so is their skin. Skin is so much more than just oily, dry and combination. There are so many factors that impact how your skin looks and feels. Which is exactly why I like to take a very personalised, and holistic approach when it comes to my skincare, and I believe this is a key reason why we stand out amongst other skincare brands.

I really love taking the time to get to know our customers, and asking them lots of questions about their current skincare routine, their water intake, diet, lifestyle factors and stress. All of these factors impact the way your skin responds to different skincare products, and so once I’ve received this info, I provide you with some recommendations on which products you should try.

We have a range of products that have been designed to help people with their skincare concerns, whether it be acne, oil-control or day to day essentials.

My personal favourite has to be our botanical face mask that comes in a powder form and is blended with beautiful plant actives, flowers and clays. This divine face mask helps detox your skin, and promotes healthy blood circulation in the face and encourages your skin to improve its elasticity, and buffs away those dead skin cells. It is a 2 in 1 product and can be used as an exfoliator and a mask – a perfect cheat skincare product for busy mums like myself!

One of our most popular collections is our ‘Mummy + Me’ collection, that was designed to help nurture the relationship between parent and bub. One of our favourite products in this collection has to be our Mummy + Me Baby Massage Oil – which also happened to win the editor’s choice in the Beauty Shortlist in 2020, in the mama & baby awards category.

Designed to keep babies delicate skin nourished, soft and conditioned, this massage oil has a lovely consistency that will leave their skin silky smooth. We specifically blended this massage oil with calming lavender and roman chamomile, the perfect combination of essential oils for creating a relaxing bath time routine.

All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan and contain natural ingredients that come from mother nature, and we will never use any synthetic, unsafe or genetically modified ingredients in our skincare – ever, and that is our promise to you.

We hope to be able to serve you and provide you and your family with the most natural, and safest skincare products. We can’t wait to help nurture and support you throughout your journey and provide your family with the best, and with Christmas around the corner, we’ve got your presents covered, with 20% off our entire range, and all orders over $200, you will receive a full-sized gold facial oil and hyaluronic serum for free, there’s definitely something for everyone at Ground2Skin.


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