Article Submissions

All article submissions for potential publishing are welcomed! There is a process though to ensure anything Nurture publishes, is credited to the right authors. Therefore, to streamline submissions, we have a checklist that must be followed. Please know we’re doing this to protect both you, any photographers, and us here at Nurture. Once we publish, we cannot unpublish!

Please ensure you include in the title or your article submission document, your name, article title and email. It’s vital so we can search and find you easily for proof reasons, (and future digital promos, blogs or references) before publishing and to send you a copy! So please only submit when these things are covered vs 10 emails back and forward! It may seem like a lot, but it’s going to protect us both long term, and reduce time.

  1. Title
  2. Author as per credit to publish
  3. Bio max words 100
  4. URL for your site or social
  5. Email to send proofs prior to print (if different to the one in the submission title as requested above)
  6. Full reference list at the end of your article (in APA format which is not required for the body of the article unless a direct quote is used)
  7. Word counts vary, min 800 / max 2000 (depending if we use you for a cover theme, or sub article)
  8. No advertorials will be considered for print ie brand/product sales, however we do allow advertorial for our paid packages versus brand ads at no extra load. Please refer to our Media Kit (under the Advertising page – see the Retailers Package) to view our rates
  9. Your articles will be available digitally in newsstands and published on our blog after print
  10. Photos high res (optional) otherwise we’ll source from one of our amazing photographers. Feel free to give instructions on what you want the photo to depict
  11. Articles must not have been published in print elsewhere in print prior to our release
  12. Postal address in Australia to receive a hard copy, international, digital copy
  13. Subject to editor approval, or suggested changes will be provided
  14. Once your submission is ready, please email

We look forward to seeing you on the inside, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team via the below contact form.


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