Claire Eaton I Photography by Daphne Heath Photography.  

Have you ever stopped a while and reflected on your parenting path? Claire Eaton asks a few questions which may gently guide us towards the reflection of our parenting journey.

Parenting is a funny thing! We often talk about it, plan for it and dream about it, but how often do we just stop awhile and reflect on how we are ‘doing it’ from moment to moment? When we’re in the thick of it; juggling, coping, enjoying, managing and loving our precious family, when do we truly stop and reflect?

Many mums and dads are determined to embrace parenting traditions of our own upbringing or to parent differently, leave behind ways of the past, make decisions and choices diverse to those experienced when we were kids raised in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Our intentions are pure as we think about the little people who call us mummy and daddy with such innocent voices.

You may like to create some space, precious pockets of time to sit and reflect, maybe write or record your voice as you reflect on gentle questions being shared here. Perhaps they will inspire you, challenge you or quite simply take you along a winding path of parenting adventure and discovery. Whatever it is, it’s perfect for you.

1. Am I patient with myself as well as my little ones?
2. Do I take all the time I need to bond with my child?
3. Do I have prejudices that my child is growing in?
4. Do I allow myself to be less than perfect?
5. Am I willing to ask for help and accept it when it comes?
6. Am I comfortable with my body and showing my acceptance of it to my child?
7. Am I carrying the beliefs of my parents that are no longer needed in my life?
8. Am I truly allowing myself time to rest and bring renewed energy into my days?
9. Am I setting fair and realistic standards for myself which my children will learn from me?
10. Am I taking time to breathe fresh air amidst the busyness of parenting?
11. Am I letting go of my mistakes and the guilt that can surround them?
12. Am I nurturing the relationship that was, before our babies came along?