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Vicki Kearney
“Knock, knock, knock.  May we come in?” I ask, tapping the old wooden post with the knuckles of my hand. And just below on the same post, in a similar manner, are the hands of the little children, imitating so beautifully. The fairies always allow us into their garden, the gateway to the creek. We would not think to pass without respectfully asking permission to play at their house!
When the volcanic mountain in our state, Mount St. Helens, started to rumble, one of my children asked, “Do people who live close by get mad when the volcano erupts?”  “Do you get mad at the rain?” I asked. While he was pondering my question, his older brother said, “Being mad at the rain or a mountain erupting is as insane as being mad at another person.” I gasped with delight; indeed, by presenting itself totally unchangeable, the volcano teaches us to love reality. When it erupts, we don’t try to stop it, change its mind or judge it; we simply remove ourselves from the area and we get excited about the drama of nature from a safe distance. We live at peace with nature because we have realised that it doesn’t change for us. Yet, we expect humans to change for us. Such expectation often leaves us frustrated and powerless.
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11 February, 2015 at 20:23
Jo Watson of Scarlet Eve
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05 February, 2015 at 13:38
Nikki Kelly
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